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Ancient tradition in the modern age

Ancient tradition in the modern age 

Much has been written about the Druids. Most writers draw upon accounts from ancient Roman and Greek writers, all of which are coloured by the cultural and political perspectives of the observer. These accounts do not tell our whole story, just as they are not always accurate.

I would like to share with you my view from a personal perspective. I have 34 years experience as a Druid in the Field and Forest. I live just as much as a part of the modern world as the ancient.

First and foremost, the path of the Druid is one of service. 

I believe that prospective Druids of the past were selected from an early age as being people with special gifts. These gifts would include being able to live in several worlds or realities simultaneously and the ability to approach situations and problems from many angles. These young people would undergo years of arduous training designed to eliminate all who lacked the necessary qualities, after all, you cannot bring out and develop that which is not already in some form present. 

The accomplished Druid was essentially one who could read the sacred landscape in all its cycles, interpret its mysteries and translate it for those in the temporal World. The druid was able to communicate with other realms and seek their guidance. The Druids communicated between the tribes, made connections, brought with the peace and learning. The Druids were also in close contact with the Gods (The Great Ones), the Sidhe (a semi-divine elder race), the intelligent spirit inherent in nature and the old ones (ancestors).

In modern times few people can meet the challenges required to be Druids in the model of our ancestors. This is regrettable because in this time of ecological, economic and political crisis Druids have never been needed more. 

We might be saved from failing in our sacred duty (to preserve the balance of nature and the wellbeing of our people) by a gift of the modern age. With the use of the internet we can achieve interconnectedness between Peoples and cultures far removed by geography and culture. Many old cultures are now putting to use this technology in order to connect and to share ancestral wisdom with others. This process appears to have taken on a life of its own recently. 

If we can trust in our collective destinies then perhaps we can help to guide humanity away from self-destruction. Much of what we do as species are unsustainable and stretches natural resources to breaking point. If this continues it will cause unnecessary suffering to all life forms.

The Druid path has always been a hard one, which is why we were named from the oak [or duir/dwr in Gaelic, from where we get Durability].  

We will need all our wisdom and strength in the coming times, together with both our ancient and modern gifts. 

Niall O’Draighnean.