New Beginnings

I was very honoured to see in June 20th / 21st  in the southern hemisphere as a guest of the Bolivian Amautas. As this is the southern hemisphere Winter Solstice, it is the time of new beginnings. With this in mind we have added a Blog feature for the Stonehenge Druids website.

 This new feature will enable more frequent updates whilst making the management of our site much simpler. I hope that you will find the articles that we place here interesting. There is a lot happening in our world at the moment.

We are all a part of this time of change whether we like it or not.

It is up to us to decide whether the new dawn heralds a golden age or a catastrophe. It is because the stakes are so high for mankind that some of the posts in this column will not be ‘pulling back punches’, we have little time to do other than speak the truth as perceive it.

With that said it is never our intension to insult or abuse anyone.

If you feel that we may have inadvertently done so, please let us know so that we may consider making changes. Positive constructive feedback is always welcome, as are your questions. Anyone who abuses the privilege of posting here will have posts removed and user blocked.


About druidsong

Frank is a 'Stonehenge Druid' who's work and teaching in this spiritual tradition has established him as one of the leading lights within this ancient tradition today

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  1. We are not associated with those selfish folk who only dress up as Druids, forcing their way to the front in ceremony, yet with nothing to teach or give in service to others. Those people who’s voices carry above all others yet have nothing to say nust move aside. They stand in the way of teaching a truth that is now essential in this time of global ecological imbalance.

    I find this offensive and insulting.

    • People reading our policy who know themselves to be genuine druids will not be offended as we are not disassociating from them.
      People reading our policy who know themselves to be fakes should not be offended, we are not telling them anything that they do not already know, and they would not wish to stand beside us. Our grove policy regarding who we choose or choose not to associate with is not your business and is not up for discussion.


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